Ritual Play Professional Trainings in 2020


for professionals working with movement, touch, tantra, kink, body & sexuality and wanting to use Ritual Play in your work practice:

for private explorers that want a deep immersion in Ritual Play in a group setting 

The professional training can be done in 3 alternate ways:

A. Training part 1 & 2 in two different 2-day In-person group events  + the online part    

B. In one 4-day in-person group training part 1&2  + the online part 

C. In a 1:1 setting with Marina. Place and time will be decided together – this is new that I am now starting to offer this possibility.  

Ritual Play Workshop (training – part 1) – also for private explorers 

Ritual Play Training – part 2 

4-day all in one  – Berlin 18 – 21 April 2020