Ritual Play

with founder Marina Kronkvist

Ritual Play Training: In Finland 31 July – 4  August 2024

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What is Ritual Play?

Ritual Play is a sensory based session inviting an interactive play dynamic. The Ritual Play dynamic was created as an alternative to the traditional giver-receiver dynamic used in touch-based sessions, like in a Tantra massage. A Ritual Play session includes aspects of Tantra massage but is so much more by inviting the client in for a non-verbal encounter without a goal.

So far, the Ritual Play structure has been used in work connected to Tantra, Sexsibility and Eros, in Community Building projects and in Contemporary Art practices and research. 

” In Ritual Play I get to be an active part in a meaningful play – with body contact – that is not predetermined with more than a few simple rules. Whereas in tantric massage there is no clear and given place for me to be active.” Erik

Ritual Play Sessions / Marina's Coaching


Book a session: Single Ritual Play sessions. Ritual Play combined with inner Breakthrough work. Ritual Play combined with enhancement of certain play skills. Erotic Blueprint coaching. All sessions are for men, women, genderfluid persons and couples