The Erotic Blueprints™

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Create deeper intimacy, sexual satisfaction & fulfillment

Do you know what your Erotic Blueprint™ is?

It’s the unique map to your arousal! Haven’t heard of these blueprints? Don’t worry, it’s a new discovery in sexuality.

There are 5 types: Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, & Shapeshifter. Each blueprint has very specific turn-ons, superpowers, and challenges. You can have more than 1 blueprint.



  • Turn On’s: Safety, Tease, Anticipation, Presence, Eye-Contact
  • Super Powers: Orgasms without touch, highly intuitive, sometimes telepathic
  • Challenges: Hyper-vigilant, can get overwhelmed from too much too soon


  • Turn On’s: Beauty, pleasure in all the senses; touch, taste, smell, sight, sound, massage, dancing, kissing
  • Super Powers: Sense Orgasms- from smells, tastes, music, Full-Body Orgasms
  • Challenges: stuck in their heads, distracted, ea


  • Turn On’s: nudity, orgasms, penetration, porn, simplicity in sex.
  • Super Powers: Quickly aroused, fun & straightforward, orgasms easily.
  • Challenges: Can focus on getting to orgasm & can miss the exploration, can have a narrow definition of sex- only intercourse counts as “sex”, can disregard other blueprints needs


  • Turn On’s: what’s taboo for you, breaking the rules, exploring more intense sensation, includes BDSM and SO much more
  • Super Powers: Can reach orgasm without genital touch, very creative, can go deep into healing and meditative spaces
  • Challenges: Shame of desires, getting stuck on “why” your kink turns you on, blocked around discovering or admitting kinky desires to partners.


  • Turn On’s: Variety, Creativity, Novelty, Exploring all the blueprints, adventure
  • Super Powers: fluent in all the blueprints, can morph and shift into partners blueprints, erotically sophisticated
  • Challenges: feeling complicated & what they want is “too much”, if they don’t know how to navigate their desires it becomes easier to shift into their partner’s blueprint to avoid attention on them but results in feeling starved.

Hi, I’m Jessie, I’ve been an Erotic Blueprint™ Coach, guiding hundreds of people towards sexual satisfaction professionally for 4 years. Personally, I’ve been ALL of the blueprints, what a ride it’s been!

Knowing your type gives you a beginning to use this information… the challenge is learning how to apply this to your sex life and relationships.

That’s where my expertise comes in:

  • to help you discover what lights your body up with turn on & what your true erotic blueprint is.

  • to teach you how to communicate your desires so they can be satisfied.

  • for you to understand the needs of your partners so you can play, and to get beyond what’s been challenging you.

If you’re wanting to build your sexual confidence, experience out-of-this-world sex, and take a peek at how this information could change your life, I invite you to apply for a complimentary possibility call with me. On this call, we’re going to discuss what you’re wanting for your sex life, what’s getting in the way, and how I may be able to assist you in getting that.

If you want to learn more about the Erotic Blueprints in-depth, right now… check out my Erotic Education recording of the Pleasure Mastery Class.