Dear Marina, I want to thank you for your coaching. Before working with you I was not feeling very passionate in my body. Or even realizing what made me feel more desire able, what felt good to me, and how to create more romance and passion in my marriage.

This was affecting all areas of my life. I didn’t realize that by avoiding that part of me it was keeping me stuck in all areas of my life.

I decided to get help from Marina because I knew I couldn’t do it myself. I had never thought about getting help in this sexual area before I took the test. Discovering what my profile was and that I am an energetic made a huge shift for my in my life, my marriage and my business. It has helped me understand more clearly who I am, what I need to be more authentically me and to love me more.

With Marinas gentle presence she helped me open up to become  aware of what feels pleasurable to me, because I always put myself last. I never focused on what I really enjoyed, so that was a nice part of our sessions having you help me discover what I really enjoy and to add more of that into my day.

It has been such a gift to share this with my husband and to discover what he enjoys to get into the mood has dramatically improved our relationship and brought us so much love, romance and connection into our marriage. We are closer than we have ever been. Knowing our blueprints help us understand each other and give to each other in a much deeper way.

Thank you so much Marina for your coaching, your knowledge and all that you have given me. You are amazing at helping people bring out their passions and desires in a fun way.


Jacqueline Kane in Farmington, CT

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