Ritual Play Foundations Residential in Finland 31 July – 4 August 2024

for professionals working with movement, embodiment, touch, body, tantra, kink, sexuality, relational intimacy, communication, ecology culture-making  + own personal development


First 2 days:

🍀 Foundations: choice, voice, space, boundaries, felt-sensing, honesty, consent, repair

🍀 Many experiences with the Ritual Play framework so you get familiar with how your non-verbal, bodily impulses & responses, emotions show up within the framework

🍀 Experience Ritual Play solo, in duos, trios, with the whole group.

🍀 Experience Ritual Play encounters that last from short 3 min encounters to longer 30 min ones

🍀 Having an Intention and supporting someone’s Intention in Ritual Play

🍀 Being a witness. And playing while being witnessed

🍀 A Ritual Play puja-type experience 

🍀 Somatic sense of moving in reversible ways. To feel and emote in reversible ways


Remaining 3 days:

We will build on the experiences from the first two days, making explicit the principles that Ritual Play have been developed in accordance with. The theory that supports the Ritual Play framework will be woven together with experiential practice.

☀️Ritual Play’s Roots in: Participatory Arts, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Movement Practices, Tantra & Kink, Deep Ecology and systems thinking & Marina’s book Hon som fick Veta (She Knows)

☀️Foundational Relational Nervous system information and exploration:

a) How to support a sense of safety in yourself and another – through awareness of location & explorative orienting habits 

b) How to support a sense of safety in yourself and another – through deliberate social engagement. Understanding based on Polyvagal theory

☀️Understanding Ritual Play’s primary mover, that is tapped into by focusing one’s attention on an ever present undercurrent of felt sense experience. A concrete way to be rooted in curiosity and to “lean in” is through the inquiry of  “Where is my felt sense attention drawn to next, next and next … “ 

☀️Understanding and cultivating the skill of Dual Awareness: your ability to simultaneously witness your situation with another as well as being deep in your own experiencing. Part of cultivating fluency in with cooperating with your own nervous system, reversibility and choice skills. 

☀️Understanding and cultivating a Participatory Mindset for Ritual Play. This approach is valuable to have when there is an intention to why you come together to play with another person, whether that is privately with a friend or professionally with a client. This approach is developed out of Marina’s Master Thesis on “Sexuality as Art”. It will be explored through roleplaying offering Ritual Play sessions.

☀️The Participatory Mindset is also key in a shift from a ’treatment’ based session approach, with a focus on fixing clients, to a co-creative approach, with a focus on partnering with clients to support them to be in choice. This approach supports autonomy, choice and transformation.

🌳 This Ritual Play: Foundations event is a foundational course for those wanting to pursue Ritual Play professionally. As such we have a frame and clear curriculum to present. However, there is also room for a certain amount of responsiveness to the actual dynamic of the group. This can be done by changing the order of how we bring in the various elements and possibly bringing in any of the following:

*Ritual Play influenced by various somatic practices, possibly Feldenkrais lessons, TRE, breath work, Wheel of Consent, BMC

*Evolutionary movement & Movement vocabulary practice.

*Power Hierarchy Awareness

*Exploring Ritual Play’s strong connection to Systemic Constellation experientially




Tier 1 ( first 10 people ): 999 €
Tier 2 ( before 14 June): 1099 €
Tier 3 ( 14 June – 24 July ): 1199 €


FOOD & ACCOMMODATION: Price includes course training, vegetarian food and own tent accommodation / possibility to upgrade the accommodation. 

WHERE:  Dragon Temple in Solbacka Eco-village, Fagervik, 1h from Helsinki. Address is shared in welcome letter. 

TRAINING DATES:: In-person  31 July – 4 August 2024

TRAINING HOURS: Wednesday 10 am –  Sunday 5 pm


FACILITATOR: Lead facilitator Ritual Play founder Marina Kronkvist.  Co-organising with Noora Palokankare. Plus assistants


Fill out this brief form and tell us who you are, if and where you have experienced Ritual Play before, and why you want to integrate Ritual Play into your work:





NO, by it self the Ritual Play: Foundations 5-day event is NOT a certification course. YES, this Ritual Play: Foundations  in-person event IS THE FIRST PART OF our 2-Part Certification Process. 

After completing the residential Foundations 5-day event, you may apply for the apprenticing Certification and Mentorship part. Only graduates of the Certification and Mentorship can say they have trained with Marina and can become certified to guide official Ritual Play events, to be part of the Ritual Play referral network, and to advertise as Certified Ritual Play Practitioners.

This Ritual Play: Foundations immersion, you will deepen and broaden your experience of the various ways to use Ritual Play. 

During the Certification and Mentorship part, through a series of calls, you’ll be supported as you practice leading your own sessions and/or groups and encounter real-life practical questions and issues.

Ritual Play: Foundations is the same event that before was called Ritual Play Training. 


Questions: email marina.kronkvist@gmail.com


 🌟Feedback from former students, now Ritual Play colleagues 🌟

🌟“This course offered me new ways of thinking, opening windows where I didn’t know there were any. Marina has a big theoretical background she can share from which is profound. Next to that she is very flexible to the needs of the group, offers great exercises that you immediately can implement in your life and sessions. Marina has a really relaxing way of being with the group, which was an eye opener for the very structured part of myself. I enjoyed the depth through simplicity that was offered. Thank you!” 🌟   Mariëlle Spronck www.mariellespronck.com


🌟“ This embodied knowledge is an amazingly powerful tool. I highly recommend Marina’s Ritual Play Professional Training for anyone who wants to be a leader – for individuals, groups or for themselves.


Firstly, the training gave me an in-depth understanding of the connection between Ritual Play and Participatory Culture. Participatory Culture is about persons taking part in culture not having only passive roles as a choice. Instead one can choose to interact and co-create. Our entire civilization is stepping into an interactive paradigm, where we go from being passive consumers of culture and media to being involved in creating the culture we live in. Ritual Play contributes in a fantastic way to deepen and expand that paradigm.

Secondly, I have previously learned on a theoretical plane about the autonomic nervous system – about the sympathetic and parasympathetic, and the interchange between them. Now, thanks to Ritual Play Training, this theoretical knowledge could be transformed into practical skills. Now I notice when a person is within the Window of Tolerance and when they are not. I know exactly what I can do to help my clients, workshop participants and myself back in, If one were to be triggered outside of the Window of Tolerance. This has become a huge empowerment, both professionally and in my personal relationships! 🌟  Tobias Berlin, workshop facilitator in personal development.



▶︎ Important note: Educating Ritual Play to others is still in it’s start-up phase so parts of the Curriculum and how it is delivered might change and evolve. Mentioned parts of the curriculum might be removed and new parts added as I learn, tweak and receive feedback.






Fill in the application form and book a 15 min Personal Conversation CALL with Marina to find out that this is a fit.