In the Ritual Play with Marina I loved my body. And my body loved me back. 

Participant in 1:1 session Ritual Play with Marina

There are actually impulses coming, when I slow down and attune to my body and beingness in this way that Ritual Play invites. Wow.. so fascinating!! To trust that in the moment by moment there is something there for me to notice… wow.. wow.. and all while relating is going on. That just takes it to another level! 


Participant in group Ritual Play event. 

I just love Ritual Play – the consent, the frame, the embodiment, the presence, the playfulness – yes, all of it… I play with my husband (whom I have been together with for 26 years) and it gives us a new language, a new way of communicating and seeing/sensing  each other.              
I would love to learn more, and learn to facilitate Ritual Play for others. Do you have any teachers training in 2019 and where?
Rikke Libak Grønkjær, Ritual Play Facilitator since 2019

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