Ritual Play Workshops


Ritual Play Training in Amsterdam 21-23 April 2017 for practicing & start-up professionals as well as for private explorers


What are the beauty & benefits of practicing Ritual Play in a group setting:

1) In workshops you can learn and enjoy as much from other people’s experiences as from your own. Hearing what Ritual Play brings up in others of questioning, learning and new pleasures is very helpful, to find out you didn’t make it all up.

2) One of the great benefits of practicing Ritual Play in a group setting, we all very quickly come to see how we are the same, so we can relax and have fun.

3) Meet with many, enhances your play skills.

4) Most workshops offer the opportunity to also watch others play and to be watched as you engage in play with another.

5) The bigger collective being. Ritual Play brings us into the present moment and a deeply felt embodied experience. Being present in our bodies – we also get to feel all of our feelings. And being in a group allows you to ride on the group energy and reach other experiences that might not be possible without a group setting.


 Container & Rules for Ritual Play