Ritual Play ett alternativ till Tantra Massage

och annan avslappnande massage


Rituell Kär-lek kan upplevas i en privat session eller i grupp under en workshop. Mera på svenska snart.

Ritual Play offers a clear, repeatable format for an interactive, non-verbal, two-way touch dynamic to unfold between a practitioner and a client, within a defined time and space. It is a practice for all ages, all genders and all sexual orientations.

Ritual Play is intimate in its invitation to honesty. Sensual or sexual energy might be part of what appears in the dynamic, but there is no intention to achieve any particular state, feeling or expression. The invitation is to be willing to allow a dynamic without a goal to unfold. The invitation is to momentarily practice trust in a perfect unfolding when the responsibility of each is to stay true to their own impulses and responses, moment by moment, and keep relating.

Vad har Rituell Kär-lek gemensamt med Tantra Massage?