Part 2 for certification is having an online section and a residential 3-day section


Online Training Ritual Play 1:1 Sessions Aug 20-Sept 20

Ritual Play 3-day Training – Final. September 21-23 2018 in Finland

  September 21-23 2018 residential is in the Dragon Temple in Solbacka Ecovillage 1h west of Helsinki  Click to read about part 1 (live)                          

Curriculum for the Online Training Ritual Play 1:1 Sessions –  August 20- September 20, 2018

  1) Background of Ritual Play in: Participatory Arts &  Healing Arts & Somatic Movement Practices & Tantra 2) Sense of safety through awareness of location & positive orienting habits What is it? & How to use it with your clients? It is important for our body-mind to locate itself in space in order to experience a sense of safety. This is hierarchically more important than social orienting. During the training you will learn how to use the perception of the space as a tool to: – make your client feel safe and therefore able to open up to play. – re-install your sense of safety at times when you need to. 3) Sense of safety through social interaction What is it? Understanding the nervous system functioning that is at play to create interactions with your clients that keeps both you and your client within a sense of safety and integrity. You will learn the basics about Social Engagement System, the Vagus Nerve complex, Neuroception, Nervous system regulation, Self-regulation. Competent co-regulation, Window of Tolerance: How to use it with your clients? You will learn what in your body, breath, eyes sound, movement, face-to-face expressions communicates non-verbally that you a safe person to be with. You will learn what are the bodily signals in your clients to pay attention to so they stay within their window of tolerance in the play. All will be be embodied through practice. 4) Dual Awareness What is it? & How to use it with your clients? Dual Awareness is when a person can witness them self simultaneously as they are feeling and sensing their experiences. You will learn how to access and utilise this competence whenever needed. This is a key competence in order to be both present in the play with the client and simultaneously hold the responsibility for the client’s safety as well as timing and other practicalities. 5) Consent skills What is it? & How to use them with your clients?  Consent skills have two parts to it. a. The first essential consent skill for a Ritual Play practitioner is knowledge of how to ensure that each step that you lead the client onwards in, is based in consent, all through the session. b. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent and her 3-minute Game offers a framework to conceptually and experientially understand doing and being done to and how they relate to the directions of giving and receiving. WoC will not be taught in the course but will be part of the dialogue concerning Ritual Play. Come prepared to the course by watching Betty’s free WoC material on 6) Action – Movement All of the somatic practices (Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, Somatics by Thomas Hanna) that have influenced Ritual Play emphasized the importance of action & movement for growth, self-discovery & -learning, healing, awareness, transformation, exploration, expansion. Ritual Play started in 2012 as an experiment in how a 1:1 session modality and the mindset of the practitioner could be designed to support a client’s action. All session modalities I was aware of focused on touch being performed on the client: the familiar one-way touch situation. 7) Organicity attitude: (SensoriMotorPsych) where does it go next, next .. . What is it? In the non-verbal, sensorymotor, felt sense part of all humans there is a flow of physical sensations that are continually generated by movement of all sorts within the body: movement of muscles, ligaments, bone, fluids, organs, breath, biochemical processes and energy. These ongoing sensations can with our attention be tapped into any time. How to use it with your clients? If the flow in the play stops this is a way to tap into your own flow. 8) Erotic Blueprint Awareness and Tantra: Understanding of the 5 erotic types and their shadow aspects helps to assess and communicate with clients. How Tantra has influenced Ritual Play. 9) Risks & Triggers: You will learn about different kinds of triggers that might arise during the session and how to avoid them. You will also learn what to do with them if they happen.

Ritual Play 3-day Training – Final. September 21-23 2018 in Finland

  1) Integrating the online material through play 2) Solo Ritual Play being witnessed 3) Power Hierarchy Awareness What is it? & How to use it with your clients? The practitioner holds a general power in relation to the client by offering the session and by being the expert. The tendency to go along with a practitioner is almost automatic for most clients. You will learn how to be aware of this and how to empower them instead. 4) Reversibility What is it? & How to use it with your clients? Reversibility means the ability to stop an action or an emotional process – to restart it, reverse it, redirect it or drop it all together. You play within the frames of reversibility when you give your impulses & responses to the dynamic in a way so the other has a choice on how to respond to it. The better you have this skill the smother flow you will get in the dynamic, and the safer both you and the client will feel. You will listen to a recording on reversibility 21 days before the training so you have started to embody a deep sense of reversibility when you come to the training. 5) Closure and completion of certification  
Practical details:
  Early bird investment: Until July 17: 700 euros. A deposit of 300 euros needs to be paid latest July 17 to secure early bird price. The remaining 400 euros will be billed before course starts August 20. Standard bird investment from July 18: 800 euros. (VAT 24% included for non-business owners. And for business owner VAT is added) Food & Accommodation:  Option 1: 3 meals/ day + sleeping on own mattress in the Dragon Temple dormitory style: 50 euro / night. Option 2:  3 meals/ day + sleeping in own hut or yurta with wood heating: ca 70 euro / night Event Address: Fagervikintie 1395. Fagervik 10250 Inkoo, Finland Training dates: August 17-19 2018 Training hours: Friday kl 17-21, Saturday 10-21, Sunday 10-17 Workshop language: English