Are you looking for Tantra Massage?

Then a Ritual Play Session might be for you

Helsinki:  28-29.3 & 25-26.4 2023 & ask for days that fit you


What does Ritual Play Sessions have in common with Tantra Massage?

Frequently when people seek Tantra massage, they’re looking for sessions that allow them to relax, accept and develop their body, emotions, sexual feelings and sexual expressions. Depending on the person looking, the spiritual aspects of Tantra are important or not so much so.

All the above can also be found in Ritual Play. The following can also be experienced both in Ritual Play and in a Tantra Massage with a skilled practitioner:

  • Develops your skill to be present, aware, conscious and embodied.
  • Using breath, sound and movement as tools for expressing and moving energy.
  • Cultivates your ability to experience highly charges states without a goal.
  • Alleviating emotional fear, shame and guilt.
  • Becoming more fulfilled and personally empowered.
  • Awakens parts of yourself that have remained repressed or “asleep.”
  • Develops awareness without judgement
  • Experience of clear in-directed focus
  • Learning through self-awareness
  • Self-compassion
  • Becoming skilled in the subtleties of the sensory system
  • Moving the sensory thrill with attention thus releasing genital tension.
  • Intense tactile awareness of sensory phenomena which activates the parasympathetic nerve currents.
  • Relaxing and emptying of the verbal mind.
  • Arousal and easy flow of feelings, sexual energy and what ever energy wants to become acknowledged.
  • Relief from distressing tensions in the body
  • Attuned co-regulation
  • Sexy sensuality and ecstatic bliss & fun

How is Ritual Play different from Tantra Massage?

Ritual Play Tantra massage
Interactive play dynamic Predefined roles as one as Giver and the other as Receiver
Two-way touch One-way touch

Tantra Massage usually involves a one-way touch dynamic, where the Tantra Professional is the active giver and the Client is the receiver.

Ritual Play invites a two-way, interactive, play dynamic where we meet on equal terms within a clear, meaningful, repeatable structure.

To build the foundation for non-verbal noticing of your felt sense realness, we’ll start the session by using Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent game, called the 3-minute game. 

Inside the actual Ritual Play part of the session, both move from our own impulses. Neither participant is putting aside their own impulses to serve the other. That is we are both invited moment to moment to be real in our interaction.

What DOESN’T Ritual Play Sessions have in common with Tantra Massage?

  • Ritual Play is not focused on lingam massage. Touch of the lingam may occur but it is part of the bigger Ritual Play experience. If your desire is to receive a lingam massage then Ritual Play is not for you.

Additionally Ritual Play is NOT for people who are looking for escort services.

If you connected with any of the above points, I invite you to book an introductory session.